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Some of my projects

Svelte REPL projects

Svelte Logo

Check out some Svelte REPL projects I've built while learning Svelte

V4 of CZaas.com

V4 preview of my personal site

Moving from slow custom CMS to statically generated site built with gatsby js and powered by netlify CI/CD git based deployment.

V3 of CZaas.com

V3 preview of my personal site

Unsatisfied with my previous ability to push new content on my site and have always wanted to build a CMS, I went ahead and did it.

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MindBody Front End Engineer Homework

Mindbody FEE Homework I did

An overview of the homework I did when applying to MindBody.

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V2 of My Personal Site

Screenshot of V2 of my site

I rebuilt my website using Node JS Express server with an API that fetches static markdown files and a front end SPA using Hyperapp.

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Sight Words

Screenshot of Sightwords app I built

An app for new readers to learn words you should know on sight. Hyperapp (JS Library), Speech Synthesis API, localStorage API

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Chads Glass

Chads Glass Logo

Using Instagrams old API, I built an web app that consumed all images of a Chad's account to give him control over the look and feel of his site.

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Animal Selector

Animal Selector logo

Fiddling with Google's material design standards both feel and motion. React, Motion

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Testa Painting

Testa Painting Logo

Built a site for a local painting contractor HTML, SASS/CSS, JS

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Mann Pools

Mann Pools logo

I designed the layout where the content is easily readable and comprehensible. I used the latest practices of HTML, SASS/CSS, Javascript, and some PHP to create this responsive website.

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